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Egyptian International Motors (EIM) is the authorized distributor for Cummins in Egypt since 2002. EIM provides a full range of power system solutions for various applications and businesses, ranging from 17 to 3750 KVA diesel-generating sets, and from 500 to 2000 KW gas-fueled, in addition to automatic transfer switches (ATS), paralleling switchgear, components, and services in prime and standby power.

Our range of applications covers industries, agriculture, tourism, healthcare facilities, poultry, telecommunication, desalination, water treatment stations, power plants, national projects, petroleum, and mining. We provide backup power systems for residential and mission-critical applications such as data centers and power-generating plants.

We deliver fuel systems, sound-attenuated and weatherproof enclosures, and a complete array of services and solutions, varying from long-term operation and maintenance contracts, remote monitoring systems, turnkey and temporary power solutions to meet the needs of a diverse customer base.

All the Cummins main components are manufactured by a single source, The Power of One (The Power of Cummins). These components include Engine (Cummins), Alternator (Stamford), Control system (PCC), Fuel Systems, Genuine Parts, Turbo Technologies, and Filtration, all ensuring consistency and harmony of the system.


Some Major Projects Achieved by EiM:


18.7 MVA of Backup power for the Largest & Oldest Bank in Egypt 

In its plan to maintain a strong position in the Egyptian market, the largest and oldest bank in Egypt is ‎having its branches renovated. We have provided 74 of the bank branches with 18.7 MVA diesel-‎fueled generator sets, which will help keep the bank services running without interruption‎.


25 MVA for a Water-preserving National Greenhouse Project

Among its plan to expand in water-preserving irrigation systems, the National Service Projects Organization NSPO, a company affiliated with the armed forces, carried out mega greenhouse projects in different locations in Egypt. EiM provided the greenhouses with more than 25 MVA of emergency backup power in the cities of Hammam in Marsa Matrouh, the 10th of Ramadan in Sharqiya, and Abu Sultan in Ismailia. The first phase of the project aims at the construction of hundreds of greenhouses on 20,000 feddans.


5.5 MVA for the Development of the Al-Takamul hospitals

In 2018, the Egyptian Ministry of Health inaugurated the Al-Takamul Hospitals in Upper Egypt. The project aimed at developing a number of once-integrated hospitals to specialize in maternal and child health. EiM provided the project with 25 Cummins diesel generator sets C220D5E; with standby power of 220 kVA, along with ATS 400A, fuel tank 2m3 in different governorates, among which are Minya, Asyut, Sohag, Qena, Luxor, and Aswan..


50 MVA Cement Project in Asyut

EIM carried out a 50 MVA prime power turnkey project for a large cement plant in Asyut, South Egypt. ‎The project consists of two phases where the two mills of the plant are powered by 25 QSK60 diesel ‎generator sets model C2250D5. The generators’ output capacity is 2MVA each at 400V, stepping up to ‎‎11,000 V through step-up transformers.‎


Mega Telecommunication Project

We have successfully provided a giant multinational telecom company with more than ‎‏1450 ‏Generators in Egypt. The generator sets range from small to high horsepower, providing the necessary ‎power for network switches and sites. Most of the generators are sound-attenuated and equipped ‎with storage fuel tanks.


20.3 MVA for a French Multinational Retailer in Egypt

Backup emergency power is essential for the French retailer’s chain of super and Hypermarkets. Cummins has successfully supplied 10 hypermarkets and 22 supermarkets with essential emergency power. The generator sets vary from medium to high horsepower diesel generator sets.

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Cummins Illuminates Mega-Mosque and Middle East's Largest Cathedral in New Administrative Capital of Egypt:

  • EIM provided the mega-mosque of Al-Fattah Al-Aleem and the Nativity of Christ Cathedral in the New Administrative Capital with a Cummins C1400D5 and C1100D5B, respectively, emphasizing Cummins leading role as a dependable power-provider in Egypt.

  • The Al-Fattah Al-Aleem mosque is powered by a 1400 KVA standby, C1400D5, and a KTA50-G3 engine. The generator set is installed inside an insulated room of 85 dB-at-1 m.

  • EIM provided the Nativity of Christ Cathedral with Cummins C1100D5B and engine model KTA-38-G14. The 1100 kVA (standby) generator set operates inside an insulated room of 70 dB-at-1 m.



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